Product Identification

All brands of lubricants can be classified by the product, application and specification. The Industrial/International Standard Lubrication System (ISLS) is a codification system using the NATO nomenclature system for product identification.  The system allows the end-user to search for the required product by asking simple questions:

What am I looking for?  Is it an Oil, a Grease, a Compound, a Fluid or a Dressing

Once I have decided that I am looking for an Oil, for example, the next question I need to ask is:

Where will I be using the product?  In the Engine, or the Hydraulics, or the Gears or all the other options available to me in the various categories.

Again, once I have decided that I require Oil for my Engine, a further question needs to be asked:

Is the Engine Oil that I require for a Spark Ignition Petrol Engine or a Diesel Compression Ignition Engine.

All OEMs (Original Equipment Manufactures) will have minimum performance standards in respect of lubricants acceptable for use in their specific engines or other compartments of the equipment.  These minimum performance standards will be written in their manual and will indicate the SAE, API, ISO, JASO, DIN requirements.

The ISLS lists these specific performance standards against each ISLS Code.  The equivalent products by various manufactures are listed for each ISLS Code.




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