Procurement Costs Reduction

Many factors play a role in the overall cost reduction. Critical to this process, is an in-depth audit of the lubricant spend of the company and the lubricant requirements through a comprehensive lubricant survey.

In order to manage the lubricant spend you need to be able to identify the products, measure, and then control them. If you cannot identify the product, you cannot measure it. If you cannot measure it, you will not be able to control it.

The ISLS offers a solution that:-

    1. Simplifies lubricant identification;
    2. Educates users of lubricants, specifically in respect of product, performance, application and specification;
    3. Provides for product, rationalization and inventory management;
    4. Simplifies process for linking material codes to actual products;
    5. Provides operational benefits in the form of a lubricant management program;
    6. Provides a system to measure the lubricant spend to a compartment level;
    7. Providing a possibility to control lubricant spend by compartment on every piece of equipment; and
    8. Provides the opportunity to reduce out of contract spend.
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